Rexa - Actuators & Drives

Rexa actuators are characterized by a hermetically sealed power module which is equipped with the patented "Flow Match" system. This technology can Rexa the actuator position very precisely, regardless of the load and the position is held if no motion is requested. Hydraulic oil displacement is generated by a "positive displacement" gear pump which is driven by a stepper or servo motor with a 100% duty cycle.

Rexa's drives are environmentally friendly and low-maintenance!

The unique properties and modular design of the drive Rexa make it eminently suitable for application in highly critical applications. Almost any combination of Strength, Stroke / Rotation angle and speed can be achieved by simply in the table (see documentation) to make your choice. The very high accuracy are process controls optimized and stabilized.

The oil in the hermetically sealed drive is standard engine oil because of the good lubricity and thermal properties and does not need to be refreshed during the entire lifetime. Rexa drives can be equipped with various options such as fail-safe through spring or accumulator, HART or Foundation Fieldbus protocol control. Redundant and SIL 2 certified versions are also available. Using Steps and servo motors REXA achieved a 100% duty cycle. The unique patented "Flow-Match" system is held each requested position and ask the operator no power. Only when prompted another move the valve to power. At rest, the electronics used only 700mW.

Special versions are available on request, please contact us on this.

General Specifications:

Powers (linear)
8.896 N tot 533.786 N
68 Nm tot 45.194 Nm
68 Nm tot 45.194 Nm
Operational 100%
Dead link (Adjustable) 5% tot 0,05%
Repeatability <0,1%
Resolution (adjustable) tot <0,1%
Linearity (correctable) tot <0,05%
control signal 4-20 mA
Temperature (optional)
-20°C tot +93°C
-40°C tot +60°C
Power 12 Vdc tot 480 Vac
Speed Depending on the selected motor type
Fail-safe (optional) Spring or accumulator